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CIVICC is provided as a public service to the citizens of Ohio and all others with an interest in its subject matter. The CIVICC database content has been compiled by the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, a tax-exempt non-profit organization. The online site and search functions were created and are maintained by the office of the Ohio Public Defender, an agency of the State of Ohio. Financial support has been provided by the Ohio State Bar Foundation, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, and the Toledo Bar Association Foundation. Nothing on this site or in this database is intended to reflect the views of the Ohio State Bar Foundation or the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections or the Toledo Bar Association Foundation.

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This database and search tool are not designed to provide legal advice over the Internet. CIVICC can provide a preliminary overview of the legal barriers imposed by Ohio law based on criminal convictions in Ohio courts. CIVICC does not include barriers or offenses created by federal law, the laws of states outside Ohio, or the laws of local governments within Ohio. CIVICC also cannot account for the specific circumstances of each defendant. Therefore, the information provided here is no substitute for independent legal research and sound advice by a licensed attorney familiar with the facts of a particular case.

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Due to limitations of equipment and bandwidth, CIVICC is not intended as a source of information for those seeking copies of large quantities of records. Efforts to mine large quantities of data from the CIVICC System without prior approval of the Ohio Public Defender´s office will be detected and stopped. Users formulating or constructing their own search or query URLs in attempting to bypass the database query parsers and directly access the database search engines or documents will be permanently denied access to the database without notice, as such efforts may jeopardize proper operation of the database servers.

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